UGA® Miracle Alumni Board


President: Maddie Dill (Executive Director 2017-2018)


Vice President: Davis Haines (2018-2019 Executive Director)


Fundraising Liaison: Kathryn Youngs (2016-2017 Internal Director)

“I currently live in San Francisco. I work as a Product Manager at Change Healthcare, which is one of the largest healthcare technology companies in the world. I am still involved with UGA Miracle because of the incredible impact it had on my life while I was at UGA. It would not have been possible if someone had not believed in me and given me a chance. I believed and still believe that what Miracle does on and off campus is some of the most impactful work that I will see in my lifetime and being a part of that however I can will always be a priority for me!”


Alumni Liaison: DeRenne Raley (2018-2019 Greek Relations Co-Chair)

“I am going to be in Athens, Georgia getting my Master's in Public Administration. I am still involved in UGA Miracle because I don't think the passion for this organization stops after your last Dance Marathon as an undergrad student. My senior year I was on the Exec Board and it made me realize that there will always be a place for me in this organization, as well as every other alumni. I can't wait to be a part of it in this new chapter and position, and I am excited to cheer on UGA Miracle and show my support in any way I can!”

board members


Molly Balderach (2018-2019 Fundraising Co-Chair)

“I am living in Washington, DC working in advertising. I am still involved in UGA Miracle because I think it is super important that alumni give back to the organization that gave so much to us throughout our college careers and supporting Children's does not have to stop when you graduate!”


Courtney Cox (2018-2019 Family Relations Co-Chair)

“I am currently living in Atlanta and working with the Children’s Miracle Network team in the Foundation at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! I am still involved with UGA Miracle because this cause has absolutely captured my heart. This organization not only encouraged me to continue serving our hospital post college, but it also gave me lifelong relationships through our exec boards, committees, and amazing Miracle families. This is why I want to give back as much as I can!”


Connor Siegel (2016 Fundraising Liaison)

“I just finished my M.E.d at Lipscomb while completing my Corp experience at Teach for America.I’m moving into my 3rd year teaching working in building educational equity in a diverse school in downtown Nashville.”


Emily Phipps (2015-2016 Member Development Co-Chair)

“I’m in grad school pursuing an MBA in Washington, DC. It blows my mind that UGA Miracle has only been around for 25 years. I really believe that this is just the beginning and I’m excited to be a part of it.”


Krista Smith (2018-2019 Family Relations Committee Member)

“I am currently living in Atlanta. I am on the account team at a Social Media Marketing agency. UGA Miracle was such an important part of my college experience, and I wanted to extend myself even further to continue serving Children’s as well as the entire Miracle community!”


Hope Kitchen (2015-2016 Fundraising Co-Chair)

I currently live in Brookhaven, GA and am studying for my licensing exam while applying for physical therapist positions at hospitals here it Atlanta! I am still involved in UGA Miracle because it truly shaped who I am today from my experience in college and taught me so much about serving others and celebrating life! I like to stay involved to an organization that inspires me and fuels me to serve others!”


Fadi Romano

“I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I am Assistant Vice President with MedStar Health. My involvement with UGA Miracle shaped my college experience and also motivated me to pursue health administration as a career. I care deeply about the mission of the organization and its role at UGA.”


Cole Phillips

“I currently live in Winston-Salem, NC where I just moved with my wife to be begin a medical residency as a family medicine physician. I am still involved in UGA Miracle because I love the way this organization ignites a campus around a worthy cause and shows the potential a group of young people can have on the lives of patients and families that have experienced some of the most difficult tragedies imaginable.”