We Will Fill the Pool

The pool under construction at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The pool under construction at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

This year, UGA Miracle has the absolute honor to fundraise for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s new aquatic therapy pool. This pool will make Children’s the only pediatric hospital in the entire southeast! The pool is not possible without UGA Miracle. Our $1.3 million goal will go directly towards finishing the pool’s construction and get it up and running for the hundreds of kids who will visit the pool every month.

Any child being treated in Children’s extensive rehabilitation unit will be able to use the pool at their therapists’ behest. Aquatic therapy is especially beneficial to children who are being treated for traumatic injuries, musculoskeletal or neurological disabilities, or recovering from surgery. This zero-entry pool is wheelchair friendly and the floor can be slowly lowered without any awkward movements or pain and also features underwater cameras and a fun environment that prioritizes recovery while still allowing kids to have fun. Aquatic therapy benefits include: posture improvement, reduced pain that therapy on the ground may inflict, increased flexibility, better range of motion of the body, improved balance and coordination, and much more. All of these benefits that were previously out of reach for patients on land are now possible because of the pool!

Most children being treated at Children's spend extended periods of time in the hospital during and after their treatment. Even though Children’s provides an incredibly supportive and lively environment, at the end of the day, the children are still in a hospital being treated every single day. The pool provides kids with a new and exciting opportunity for treatment, and an escape from their rooms or every-day land therapy. Water is a more exciting and fun place to learn, and it naturally motivates the children to participate in therapy without it feeling like a chore. While being treated in the pool, children become more mobile and aware of their bodies, movements, and breathing. Difficult tasks that the children are not able to accomplish on land are now possible in the water, creating an amazing sense of accomplishment for patients who can excel through water therapy.

This pool is an incredible step towards creating healthier and happier kids at Children’s. It takes us to build the pool, and it takes us to create miracles at Children’s. In these next 24 days until Dance Marathon, we have to give everything we have in order to reach $1.3 million and help Children’s build the pool and provide an incredibly unique and beneficial experience to all of their rehab patients.

WE WILL build the pool!!!

We Will raise $1.3 million

Taken at Goal Reveal 2019

Taken at Goal Reveal 2019

Last Wednesday, UGA Miracle unveiled our 2018-2019 fundraising goal: the number our organization has been striving to hit for the past 10 months and the number we hope to raise at Dance Marathon total reveal in 32 days.  Setting a number goal brings a different sense of purpose and excitement when it comes to fundraising, a goal in which you and your organization must conquer together.

Some of you may be asking, What is a fundraising goal? A fundraising goal is the number that we as an organization, UGA Miracle, hope to fundraise by 10 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 23rd. It is the number we hope to raise high above our heads at total reveal and go on celebrating for the rest of the year. A combination of every single one of our members’ efforts, perseverance and dedication. A uniting anthem for our entire organization to rally around.

This year, our goal stands for all that We Will do for our hospital, miracle kids and campus. $1 million towards Children’s healthcare of Atlanta’s rehabilitation unit and $300,000 to Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Accomplishing this goal will take our entire organization giving our all, this goal takes all of us. $1.3 M for the kids is attainable and possible, but only if we all work together and give it everything we have for these next 32 days.

When fundraising over the next few weeks leading up to Dance Marathon, remember your why. Why do you support UGA Miracle? Why do you attend meetings every Wednesday when you could be at dinner with friends? Why did you join UGA Miracle? Your “why” is still the most powerful reason of all to keep fundraising, to keep striving to defeat your own fundraising goal and keep dedicating yourself to this organization. All we do is for our hospital and our miracle families, so it is for them that We Will raise 1.3 million dollars.

Dance Marathon is in 32 days. In just a few short weeks, we will be holding our number up high at total reveal and celebrating it for all it means to us, our hospital and our miracle families. In these next 32 days, hold your “why” close and join us in fighting for 1.3 million for the kids.

We Will Raise $1.3M!

Your Guide to Organic Winter Break Fundraising

Photo from UGA Miracle’s Tour of Homes event

Photo from UGA Miracle’s Tour of Homes event

Finals are over, students are home, now it’s time to get that dough ftk! This winter break, UGA Miracle is decking the halls of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta by fundraising for our favorite kiddos and hospital. This winter break, instead of just posting on social media or sending some emails, try to organically fundraise ftk!

Organic fundraising is a fun and easy way to earn money for your donor drive by doing tasks in exchange for donations, doing your own fundraising push and incentives or even asking for donations instead of gifts for a holiday or birthday. So, this winter break, think of some fun ideas, chores, tasks, etc. that you can do around your home or community to earn some extra cash for the kids of Children’s. Need some ideas? We’re got them!

  1. Babysit: Offer to babysit your nieces/nephews, next-door-neighbor’s kids or put an ad out on a local babysitting website and offer to babysit in exchange for donations!

  2. Petsit: What’s better than looking after a sweet doggo or kitten in exchange for an FTK donation? Nothing!

  3. Wrap holiday gifts: Wrap your family’s, friends’ or neighbor’s holiday gifts for them in exchange for donor drive $$.

  4. Host a holiday party: Invite your friends and family over to watch Christmas movies, exchange gifts, eat dinner and more and set out a can to collect donations from any willing guests. Bake sale: Bake and sell some holiday goodies and donate your proceeds to your donor drive!

  5. Ask for donations instead of holiday gifts: Instead of asking for a physical gift this holiday, ask for a donation towards your donor drive instead!

  6. Caroling: Grab some friends, bundle up and sing some holiday songs for donations!

  7. Run errands: Offer to run errands for the busy busy neighbor, family member or friend in your life who really needs a break.

  8. Pick up/Throw-away Christmas trees: After the Christmas holiday, start a pick-up service to pick-up and throw-away Christmas trees.

  9. Sell your clothes: Sell you unwanted clothes to friends or a consignment shop and donate your profits.

  10. Dog Walking: Walk some sweet furry friends and receive a donation FTK!

  11. Driver: Drive your family and friends around to their holiday parties and act as their own personal UBER in exchange for a couple dollars towards your donor drive!

  12. Create a holiday fundraising incentive: Select a fundraising goal for yourself (Your committees are each trying to raise money for a specific piece of equipment for the hospital…how much would you need to raise to make that happen?), and then come up with a fun incentive! Jump in a freezing cold lake, walk around the mall in a Santa costume, bake all your donors cookies, so many fun opportunities!

  13. Go canning: Set out a can at your place of work, walk around the mall, the possibilities are endless! Grab some friends and a can and go canning to ask for little donations towards the kids.

  14. Arts and Crafts: Get creative and make some crafts as stocking stuffers or ornaments and sell them FTK!

  15. Sell your products: Are you incredible at drawing? Painting coolers? Or great at building things? Use the winter break downtime and sell your products then donate the proceeds to your donor drive.

There you are! Some quick and easy tips to organically fundraise this winter break. We Will Deck the Halls of Children’s and We Will keep fundraising FTK!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Commit to $100

Ringing the bell at DM18 for raising $100

Ringing the bell at DM18 for raising $100

One of the most exciting days of our year starts at midnight. $100 day, a day devoted to giving UGA Miracle your absolute all by raising $100 (or more!) for our incredible cause in only 24 hours. For our organization, this day is hugely impactful for our final total as well as for our participating members. The energy in the air, constant inspiration and apparent dedication of our members make this day an absolutely incredible experience. On this day, we can move mountains. On this day, we can make miracles happen.

$100 day needs you. It needs your time, your effort and your commitment. UGA Miracle needs you to commit to $100.

How can you commit to $100 by meeting and exceeding your $100 day goal? Here are some quick and easy tips so you can attack the day FTK.

  1. Prepare your list of people you want to ask to donate ahead of time - this makes your life so much easier when you wake up on Thursday and do not have to think of who you can ask. Make different lists of who you want to text, email, or call!

  2. Write out your templates ahead of time - go ahead and write out templates for emails and texts, so that the morning of, all you have to do is change them up a little to make it more personal to the specific person you are addressing! Be sincere in your emails/texts by explaining your “why”. People love to know the reason behind why you are raising money for a cause. Take this opportunity to let your passion shine through and really showcase your love for miracle.

  3. Social media - Social media is crucial for reaching a wide audience of individuals you may not be super close with, but who could still be very interested in supporting our cause. Trust me, your mom’s roommate from college is a better resource than you think A great tip is to post in the morning explaining the challenge, and why it would mean so much to you to receive a donation. Post again in the afternoon with an update of how close you are to reaching your goal, because this always pushes donations to help you reach your goal!

  4. “If I raise $100, I will ____” - This almost always works, because everyone loves to see people do something crazy or give out a surprise. For example, ask your class to donate to you, and if 10 people donate, you will bring donuts to the next class. Post on social media that if you raise $100, you will wear a different full body costume to class for a week! You have to follow through with these, but they are a great way to motivate people to donate!

  5. Go to the hype room - there will be hype rooms in Tate 141 and 142 all day for everyone working toward their goals to be able to help and support each other along the way! If you are struggling, so are other people, and everyone that is in the room is ready to help! It also feels awesome when you receive a donation while in the hype rooms, because everyone will be so pumped for you!

Let’s get after it and commit to $100! Happy $100 day!

Zero Zeroes Day


Today is UGA Miracle’s first big fundraising push: ZERO ZEROES DAY! What this means is that we want everyone’s donor drives to have some sort of number in it, whether that means you have $1 or $500. This officially begins fundraising for the year, and gets everyone into the groove of fundraising and asking people for money.

Going about Zero Zeroes day is easy. All you have to do is raise at least $1!

  • First things first, you have to do is make sure you are registered for dance marathon,

  • Personalize your donor drive, so that donors are more willing to donate because they’ll see your heart and passion for our organization.

  • The next step might take some getting out of your comfort zone, but you have to start somewhere: start asking for donations. Make a facebook post, post an instagram or on your instastory, make a snapchat stories, text a relative or family friend, etc. Explain what this day means, and why we are doing it, and what a donation to your donor drive would mean to you! Asking people always feel awkward, but people are willing to donate to a cause if you make the effort!

So GET PUMPED for the first big fundraising push and lets have ZERO zeroes on our donor drive!

Kickoff 2018 Recap

Parker Grelecki with the UGA Dance Dawgs 

Parker Grelecki with the UGA Dance Dawgs 

On August 28th, UGA Miracle’s Kickoff marked the official start to miracle’s 24th year.  The doors to Tate Grand hall opened at 6 p.m. and people flooded in. The room was filled within minutes of eager freshmen and excited returners ready to begin their miracle year. An energetic performance by our very own dance dogs hyped up the crowd with UGA football chants and our executive board then introduced themselves with a quick introduction about what their committee does for miracle. The Grelecki family stole the show when they got on stage and told their story of what miracle has meant to them for almost 10 years. Their son, Parker, was being his normal self running around, hyping up the crowd while his dad was captivating the crowd with their story.

Parker was treated at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta when he was born, suffering from Hydrocephalus, a condition in which 98% of his skull was filled with fluid and only 2% was brain matter. Mr. Grelecki explained that while Parker is a happy, healthy and energetic young 9-year-old boy today, his condition was life-threatening and extremely dangerous, Parker would not be alive without the dedication of Children’s doctors and nurses. Mr. Grelecki went on to say that UGA Miracle has played a pivotaol role in Parker’s childhood and has had an incredible and lasting impact on their family. While Parker is currently healthy, his condition at birth has made it so that he develops at a different rate than children his own age. To other nine year olds, Parker is different. However, because of UGA Miracle, Parker doesn’t feel “different” he feels special. Every year, he gets to interact with college students who think he is the coolest guy in the room, who adore him and laugh at every single one of his crazy antics. UGA Miracle’s impact on Parker and their family will last for a lifetime. Mr. Grelecki went on to encourage every individual sitting in Tate Grand Hall to get involved, and stay involved, because not only is UGA Miracle raising money for an incredible hospital, but UGA Miracle literally saves lives.

 After the incredible Grelecki family left the stage, the entire room was presented with UGA Miracle’s year-long theme. It began with a hype video presenting numerous goals for this year... supporting our families, surpassing our fundraising goals, changing lives, sharing their stories...and so much more. In the end of the video, only two words remained: “WE WILL.”

Our theme for this year will not be a number goal, but instead “WE WILL,” as in we will do everything in our power to make this the best year possible for the families and for our school. This year is not about a fundraising number, but it is about the difference we want to make in the lives of our families, our campus and our hospital. WE WILL. 

10 Tips for a Successful Freshmen Year



  1. Get involved- Finding your niche on campus is crucial to your experience, joining an organization (like miracle!!) surrounds you with people who have a common interest to you. It is a source of immediate friendships and a sense of belonging.

  2. Make new friends- Do not limit yourself to just your friends on your team, sorority, or dorm hall. Talk to the person beside you in every class, and you never know what kind of friendship will come out of it! Everyone is new to freshmen year, just like you, so do not be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone by meeting new people.

  3. Go to office hours- Teachers LOVE when students make the effort to come to their office. They take time out of their busy weeks, even though students rarely show up. They are so willing to help, and will definitely remember that you made the extra effort.

  4. Do not be afraid to eat alone in a dining hall- Everyone has to do it, so you just have to get over your fears of being alone. Sit with a stranger! Make a friend. Study. Read a book. Not only is this SO normal, but you may even enjoy your time and space alone!

  5. Remember to call your parents- They are just as scared as you! You do not know how much a quick phone call in between classes means to them. They need an update on your life every once and awhile. 

  6. Walk to class- The buses at UGA are so great, but walking to all of your classes will help you avoid the frightening freshman fifteen. Also, why not enjoy our beautiful campus?

  7. Study ahead of time- I'm going to tell you right now, all-nighters don't work. Preparing a couple days or weeks beforehand will greatly increase your grade and keep you sane. 

  8. READ- If your teachers assign readings, they mean it! It can be tedious, but it will turn what would have been a B into an A.

  9. Go to as many events as possible- Being a broke college student you have to monopolize on one thing: FREE FOOD!! Besides that benefit, you will love all of the people you will meet and experiences that come with it. Speaking of...New Kids on the Block is WEDNESDAY, August 15th!! Free food, puppies AND you get to meet and hang out with other freshmen. Good time guaranteed!

  10. Give back- Joining a philanthropic organization on campus will allow you to give your college career meaning and give back to something greater than yourself. Find a cause that you are passionate about, and spend your college days making a difference. For more information about what UGA Miracle does and how we give back to our hospital and community, check out ugamiracle.com. 

10 Ideas to Dominate Summer Fundraising


Summertime: School's out, the sun is shining and students everywhere are enjoying mom's home-cooked (free!) meals once again. It can be easy to forget about the incredible organization called UGA® Miracle you were obsessed with only 4-months-ago. However, the summer is a great time to get a jump on fundraising and spreading the word that you are a part of Miracle. 

Here are 10 easy ways to keep your summer #ftk. 

  1. Find your whyBefore you do anything, take a minute to reflect. Ask yourself why you are in miracle, What this cause mean to you, and why do you want to bust your butt to raise money for kids you have never even met. Everyone's’ why is different. Your why will drive you through those difficult fundraising dry spells, fill you with passion and energy, and be your motivation to fundraise harder than ever before.
  2. Personalize your donor drive - Change the default photo to a fun, miracle-related photo of you, write your miracle story: how you got involved, your experience with dance marathon, and what the organization means to you. It is okay and, honestly, encouraged to be mushy here. This is where you convince people to fall in love with the organization you love so much, and then choose to support it.
  3. Social Media Posts - Facebook is a great first post, because of all the moms, extended family, aunts and uncles who are not really aunts and uncles- you can reach a myriad of humans who LOVE seeing your life updates.Get mushy, but do not make your post a 5 paragraph essay. Keep it short and sweet while conveying just how much this organization means to you (enough to start fundraising eight months early!). Re-post updates from Children’s and from UGA® Miracle to keep your followers updated on what is going on this summer. This will also remind your followers this organization is worth donating to, even when it isn’t the school year.
  4. E-mail, E-mail, E-mail - This tactic can be super effective! Send it to aunts and uncles, grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends, older cousins, professors, people who have always donated in the past, etc. This is where you can get personal and write more than you would in a Facebook post. Write about last year’s dance marathon, your goal for this year for fundraising, and your WHY. Make sure to have the link to your donor drive with some instructions (because grandparents can get confused). Be sure to send individual emails and personalize them to the recipient. You want your donors to know that you don’t just see them as a $$ check $$, and that you are reaching out to them because they are important to you.
  5. Letter Writing - Now this might seems super tedious, but it truly shows your motivation. Write a letter thanking past donors past donors for their donations last year. Explain to them where their money went last year, tell them how much we raised in total, include pictures of you at Dance Marathon and pictures of the miracle kids. Explain your new and improved goal for this year and your why, and give the link to your donor drive, or tell them where they can send a check.
  6. Garage Sale - This is one of the easiest ways to make money. Go through your closet or room to find things you no longer want (we all have so much stuff we could sell). You could either sell them to a store that buys them from you and donate the money to your donor drive, or you could have a little sale at your house! Advertise that the money is going towards a good cause. This is an easy way to get through your summer de-junk, and get some money in your donor drive!
  7. Canning - Take a little time out of your day and hit the streets (or the cubicles) to ask for some cash #ftk. Or, set up a can at your place of employment and see if anyone feels inclined to donate.
  8. Dress-Down Fridays - Ask your boss if your fellow employees can buy a dress-down pass for $5, and have that money go towards your donor drive. Advertise the purpose behind the dress down pass and hey, everyone loves wearing jeans to work! Double bonus!
  9. Percentage Night - Work with a local restaurant or store to setup a percentage night for your local neighborhood. Ask them to donate 10% of their profits from one night towards your donor drive and in exchange, get all your friends and family to attend and get them some business!
  10. Yard Work - It’s summer, it’s hot. The last thing anyone wants to do is work on keeping their lawn pristine. Volunteer to mow your neighbor’s lawns or plant their flowers in exchange for a donation to your donor drive! You’ll be surprised how many donations you can get from just small acts of service like these.

With these tips, your donor drive will be off that $0 well before we all get back to Athens. Happy Summer Fundraising and we can’t wait to see everyone back in August!