Commit to $100

Ringing the bell at DM18 for raising $100

Ringing the bell at DM18 for raising $100

One of the most exciting days of our year starts at midnight. $100 day, a day devoted to giving UGA Miracle your absolute all by raising $100 (or more!) for our incredible cause in only 24 hours. For our organization, this day is hugely impactful for our final total as well as for our participating members. The energy in the air, constant inspiration and apparent dedication of our members make this day an absolutely incredible experience. On this day, we can move mountains. On this day, we can make miracles happen.

$100 day needs you. It needs your time, your effort and your commitment. UGA Miracle needs you to commit to $100.

How can you commit to $100 by meeting and exceeding your $100 day goal? Here are some quick and easy tips so you can attack the day FTK.

  1. Prepare your list of people you want to ask to donate ahead of time - this makes your life so much easier when you wake up on Thursday and do not have to think of who you can ask. Make different lists of who you want to text, email, or call!

  2. Write out your templates ahead of time - go ahead and write out templates for emails and texts, so that the morning of, all you have to do is change them up a little to make it more personal to the specific person you are addressing! Be sincere in your emails/texts by explaining your “why”. People love to know the reason behind why you are raising money for a cause. Take this opportunity to let your passion shine through and really showcase your love for miracle.

  3. Social media - Social media is crucial for reaching a wide audience of individuals you may not be super close with, but who could still be very interested in supporting our cause. Trust me, your mom’s roommate from college is a better resource than you think A great tip is to post in the morning explaining the challenge, and why it would mean so much to you to receive a donation. Post again in the afternoon with an update of how close you are to reaching your goal, because this always pushes donations to help you reach your goal!

  4. “If I raise $100, I will ____” - This almost always works, because everyone loves to see people do something crazy or give out a surprise. For example, ask your class to donate to you, and if 10 people donate, you will bring donuts to the next class. Post on social media that if you raise $100, you will wear a different full body costume to class for a week! You have to follow through with these, but they are a great way to motivate people to donate!

  5. Go to the hype room - there will be hype rooms in Tate 141 and 142 all day for everyone working toward their goals to be able to help and support each other along the way! If you are struggling, so are other people, and everyone that is in the room is ready to help! It also feels awesome when you receive a donation while in the hype rooms, because everyone will be so pumped for you!

Let’s get after it and commit to $100! Happy $100 day!