Your Guide to Organic Winter Break Fundraising

Photo from UGA Miracle’s Tour of Homes event

Photo from UGA Miracle’s Tour of Homes event

Finals are over, students are home, now it’s time to get that dough ftk! This winter break, UGA Miracle is decking the halls of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta by fundraising for our favorite kiddos and hospital. This winter break, instead of just posting on social media or sending some emails, try to organically fundraise ftk!

Organic fundraising is a fun and easy way to earn money for your donor drive by doing tasks in exchange for donations, doing your own fundraising push and incentives or even asking for donations instead of gifts for a holiday or birthday. So, this winter break, think of some fun ideas, chores, tasks, etc. that you can do around your home or community to earn some extra cash for the kids of Children’s. Need some ideas? We’re got them!

  1. Babysit: Offer to babysit your nieces/nephews, next-door-neighbor’s kids or put an ad out on a local babysitting website and offer to babysit in exchange for donations!

  2. Petsit: What’s better than looking after a sweet doggo or kitten in exchange for an FTK donation? Nothing!

  3. Wrap holiday gifts: Wrap your family’s, friends’ or neighbor’s holiday gifts for them in exchange for donor drive $$.

  4. Host a holiday party: Invite your friends and family over to watch Christmas movies, exchange gifts, eat dinner and more and set out a can to collect donations from any willing guests. Bake sale: Bake and sell some holiday goodies and donate your proceeds to your donor drive!

  5. Ask for donations instead of holiday gifts: Instead of asking for a physical gift this holiday, ask for a donation towards your donor drive instead!

  6. Caroling: Grab some friends, bundle up and sing some holiday songs for donations!

  7. Run errands: Offer to run errands for the busy busy neighbor, family member or friend in your life who really needs a break.

  8. Pick up/Throw-away Christmas trees: After the Christmas holiday, start a pick-up service to pick-up and throw-away Christmas trees.

  9. Sell your clothes: Sell you unwanted clothes to friends or a consignment shop and donate your profits.

  10. Dog Walking: Walk some sweet furry friends and receive a donation FTK!

  11. Driver: Drive your family and friends around to their holiday parties and act as their own personal UBER in exchange for a couple dollars towards your donor drive!

  12. Create a holiday fundraising incentive: Select a fundraising goal for yourself (Your committees are each trying to raise money for a specific piece of equipment for the hospital…how much would you need to raise to make that happen?), and then come up with a fun incentive! Jump in a freezing cold lake, walk around the mall in a Santa costume, bake all your donors cookies, so many fun opportunities!

  13. Go canning: Set out a can at your place of work, walk around the mall, the possibilities are endless! Grab some friends and a can and go canning to ask for little donations towards the kids.

  14. Arts and Crafts: Get creative and make some crafts as stocking stuffers or ornaments and sell them FTK!

  15. Sell your products: Are you incredible at drawing? Painting coolers? Or great at building things? Use the winter break downtime and sell your products then donate the proceeds to your donor drive.

There you are! Some quick and easy tips to organically fundraise this winter break. We Will Deck the Halls of Children’s and We Will keep fundraising FTK!

Happy Holidays everyone!