10 Ideas to Dominate Summer Fundraising


Summertime: School's out, the sun is shining and students everywhere are enjoying mom's home-cooked (free!) meals once again. It can be easy to forget about the incredible organization called UGA® Miracle you were obsessed with only 4-months-ago. However, the summer is a great time to get a jump on fundraising and spreading the word that you are a part of Miracle. 

Here are 10 easy ways to keep your summer #ftk. 

  1. Find your whyBefore you do anything, take a minute to reflect. Ask yourself why you are in miracle, What this cause mean to you, and why do you want to bust your butt to raise money for kids you have never even met. Everyone's’ why is different. Your why will drive you through those difficult fundraising dry spells, fill you with passion and energy, and be your motivation to fundraise harder than ever before.
  2. Personalize your donor drive - Change the default photo to a fun, miracle-related photo of you, write your miracle story: how you got involved, your experience with dance marathon, and what the organization means to you. It is okay and, honestly, encouraged to be mushy here. This is where you convince people to fall in love with the organization you love so much, and then choose to support it.
  3. Social Media Posts - Facebook is a great first post, because of all the moms, extended family, aunts and uncles who are not really aunts and uncles- you can reach a myriad of humans who LOVE seeing your life updates.Get mushy, but do not make your post a 5 paragraph essay. Keep it short and sweet while conveying just how much this organization means to you (enough to start fundraising eight months early!). Re-post updates from Children’s and from UGA® Miracle to keep your followers updated on what is going on this summer. This will also remind your followers this organization is worth donating to, even when it isn’t the school year.
  4. E-mail, E-mail, E-mail - This tactic can be super effective! Send it to aunts and uncles, grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends, older cousins, professors, people who have always donated in the past, etc. This is where you can get personal and write more than you would in a Facebook post. Write about last year’s dance marathon, your goal for this year for fundraising, and your WHY. Make sure to have the link to your donor drive with some instructions (because grandparents can get confused). Be sure to send individual emails and personalize them to the recipient. You want your donors to know that you don’t just see them as a $$ check $$, and that you are reaching out to them because they are important to you.
  5. Letter Writing - Now this might seems super tedious, but it truly shows your motivation. Write a letter thanking past donors past donors for their donations last year. Explain to them where their money went last year, tell them how much we raised in total, include pictures of you at Dance Marathon and pictures of the miracle kids. Explain your new and improved goal for this year and your why, and give the link to your donor drive, or tell them where they can send a check.
  6. Garage Sale - This is one of the easiest ways to make money. Go through your closet or room to find things you no longer want (we all have so much stuff we could sell). You could either sell them to a store that buys them from you and donate the money to your donor drive, or you could have a little sale at your house! Advertise that the money is going towards a good cause. This is an easy way to get through your summer de-junk, and get some money in your donor drive!
  7. Canning - Take a little time out of your day and hit the streets (or the cubicles) to ask for some cash #ftk. Or, set up a can at your place of employment and see if anyone feels inclined to donate.
  8. Dress-Down Fridays - Ask your boss if your fellow employees can buy a dress-down pass for $5, and have that money go towards your donor drive. Advertise the purpose behind the dress down pass and hey, everyone loves wearing jeans to work! Double bonus!
  9. Percentage Night - Work with a local restaurant or store to setup a percentage night for your local neighborhood. Ask them to donate 10% of their profits from one night towards your donor drive and in exchange, get all your friends and family to attend and get them some business!
  10. Yard Work - It’s summer, it’s hot. The last thing anyone wants to do is work on keeping their lawn pristine. Volunteer to mow your neighbor’s lawns or plant their flowers in exchange for a donation to your donor drive! You’ll be surprised how many donations you can get from just small acts of service like these.

With these tips, your donor drive will be off that $0 well before we all get back to Athens. Happy Summer Fundraising and we can’t wait to see everyone back in August!