10 Tips for a Successful Freshmen Year



  1. Get involved- Finding your niche on campus is crucial to your experience, joining an organization (like miracle!!) surrounds you with people who have a common interest to you. It is a source of immediate friendships and a sense of belonging.

  2. Make new friends- Do not limit yourself to just your friends on your team, sorority, or dorm hall. Talk to the person beside you in every class, and you never know what kind of friendship will come out of it! Everyone is new to freshmen year, just like you, so do not be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone by meeting new people.

  3. Go to office hours- Teachers LOVE when students make the effort to come to their office. They take time out of their busy weeks, even though students rarely show up. They are so willing to help, and will definitely remember that you made the extra effort.

  4. Do not be afraid to eat alone in a dining hall- Everyone has to do it, so you just have to get over your fears of being alone. Sit with a stranger! Make a friend. Study. Read a book. Not only is this SO normal, but you may even enjoy your time and space alone!

  5. Remember to call your parents- They are just as scared as you! You do not know how much a quick phone call in between classes means to them. They need an update on your life every once and awhile. 

  6. Walk to class- The buses at UGA are so great, but walking to all of your classes will help you avoid the frightening freshman fifteen. Also, why not enjoy our beautiful campus?

  7. Study ahead of time- I'm going to tell you right now, all-nighters don't work. Preparing a couple days or weeks beforehand will greatly increase your grade and keep you sane. 

  8. READ- If your teachers assign readings, they mean it! It can be tedious, but it will turn what would have been a B into an A.

  9. Go to as many events as possible- Being a broke college student you have to monopolize on one thing: FREE FOOD!! Besides that benefit, you will love all of the people you will meet and experiences that come with it. Speaking of...New Kids on the Block is WEDNESDAY, August 15th!! Free food, puppies AND you get to meet and hang out with other freshmen. Good time guaranteed!

  10. Give back- Joining a philanthropic organization on campus will allow you to give your college career meaning and give back to something greater than yourself. Find a cause that you are passionate about, and spend your college days making a difference. For more information about what UGA Miracle does and how we give back to our hospital and community, check out ugamiracle.com.