Kickoff 2018 Recap

Parker Grelecki with the UGA Dance Dawgs 

Parker Grelecki with the UGA Dance Dawgs 

On August 28th, UGA Miracle’s Kickoff marked the official start to miracle’s 24th year.  The doors to Tate Grand hall opened at 6 p.m. and people flooded in. The room was filled within minutes of eager freshmen and excited returners ready to begin their miracle year. An energetic performance by our very own dance dogs hyped up the crowd with UGA football chants and our executive board then introduced themselves with a quick introduction about what their committee does for miracle. The Grelecki family stole the show when they got on stage and told their story of what miracle has meant to them for almost 10 years. Their son, Parker, was being his normal self running around, hyping up the crowd while his dad was captivating the crowd with their story.

Parker was treated at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta when he was born, suffering from Hydrocephalus, a condition in which 98% of his skull was filled with fluid and only 2% was brain matter. Mr. Grelecki explained that while Parker is a happy, healthy and energetic young 9-year-old boy today, his condition was life-threatening and extremely dangerous, Parker would not be alive without the dedication of Children’s doctors and nurses. Mr. Grelecki went on to say that UGA Miracle has played a pivotaol role in Parker’s childhood and has had an incredible and lasting impact on their family. While Parker is currently healthy, his condition at birth has made it so that he develops at a different rate than children his own age. To other nine year olds, Parker is different. However, because of UGA Miracle, Parker doesn’t feel “different” he feels special. Every year, he gets to interact with college students who think he is the coolest guy in the room, who adore him and laugh at every single one of his crazy antics. UGA Miracle’s impact on Parker and their family will last for a lifetime. Mr. Grelecki went on to encourage every individual sitting in Tate Grand Hall to get involved, and stay involved, because not only is UGA Miracle raising money for an incredible hospital, but UGA Miracle literally saves lives.

 After the incredible Grelecki family left the stage, the entire room was presented with UGA Miracle’s year-long theme. It began with a hype video presenting numerous goals for this year... supporting our families, surpassing our fundraising goals, changing lives, sharing their stories...and so much more. In the end of the video, only two words remained: “WE WILL.”

Our theme for this year will not be a number goal, but instead “WE WILL,” as in we will do everything in our power to make this the best year possible for the families and for our school. This year is not about a fundraising number, but it is about the difference we want to make in the lives of our families, our campus and our hospital. WE WILL.