We Will raise $1.3 million

Taken at Goal Reveal 2019

Taken at Goal Reveal 2019

Last Wednesday, UGA Miracle unveiled our 2018-2019 fundraising goal: the number our organization has been striving to hit for the past 10 months and the number we hope to raise at Dance Marathon total reveal in 32 days.  Setting a number goal brings a different sense of purpose and excitement when it comes to fundraising, a goal in which you and your organization must conquer together.

Some of you may be asking, What is a fundraising goal? A fundraising goal is the number that we as an organization, UGA Miracle, hope to fundraise by 10 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 23rd. It is the number we hope to raise high above our heads at total reveal and go on celebrating for the rest of the year. A combination of every single one of our members’ efforts, perseverance and dedication. A uniting anthem for our entire organization to rally around.

This year, our goal stands for all that We Will do for our hospital, miracle kids and campus. $1 million towards Children’s healthcare of Atlanta’s rehabilitation unit and $300,000 to Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Accomplishing this goal will take our entire organization giving our all, this goal takes all of us. $1.3 M for the kids is attainable and possible, but only if we all work together and give it everything we have for these next 32 days.

When fundraising over the next few weeks leading up to Dance Marathon, remember your why. Why do you support UGA Miracle? Why do you attend meetings every Wednesday when you could be at dinner with friends? Why did you join UGA Miracle? Your “why” is still the most powerful reason of all to keep fundraising, to keep striving to defeat your own fundraising goal and keep dedicating yourself to this organization. All we do is for our hospital and our miracle families, so it is for them that We Will raise 1.3 million dollars.

Dance Marathon is in 32 days. In just a few short weeks, we will be holding our number up high at total reveal and celebrating it for all it means to us, our hospital and our miracle families. In these next 32 days, hold your “why” close and join us in fighting for 1.3 million for the kids.

We Will Raise $1.3M!