Briley Lamon


Briley was diagnosed with High Risk B-cell ALL Leukemia on April 11, 2018. After being concerned because she had a prolonged fever and was extremely tired, her parents took her to her cardiologist. She currently has an enlarged heart due to a congenital heart defect (Tetralogy of Fallot) that was repaired at 4 months old. She will have another repair around the age of 11. When the cardiologist said her heart was okay, the labs showed her counts were high, indicating leukemia. After chemotherapy started, Briley complained of extreme stomach pain, due to lack of blood cells, so a colon infection was unable to be diagnosed for over two weeks. During the colon infection, Briley was given a NED which indicated there was No Evidence of Disease. Unfortunately, because of the painful infection, Briley was unable to celebrate remission. Shortly after, Briley's fever resolved from the first infection. She developed yet another high fever, sadly lasting for forty days. She went through weekly CT Scans and EKG's, an arm and lung biopsy, daily lab work, and a full body MRI, all at the age of seven. With the best medical team one could hope for, they were unable to give her family a clear reason for the prolonged fever. On day 60 of being admitted to the hospital, Briley was finally released to go home. Because leukemia is a blood cancer, the cells are easily hidden and undetected, which means that she is on a 3 year treatment plan. Currently, Briley is receiving chemo weekly for one year and will then be moved to monthly treatments for the two remaining years.