Chrissy Weaver


"Chrissy was born extremely early at 26 weeks, but she had two things going for her, the strength and will to live and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Transport Team. Chrissy was born at an outside facility and was airlifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston where she underwent two lifesaving operations at 18 hours of life. She then continued to have three other surgeries within the next two years. Because of this life changing experience, her mother, Donna, decided to go to EMT school then on the Paramedic school before joining the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Transport Team in 2005 where her own experience as a mother and a caregiver of sick and injured children have been proved most valuable. Chrissy today is a happy, healthy young woman that continues to help others with her warm charm and infectious laugh."

- The Weaver Family