Emilee Spencer


In June of 2012, Emilee (then 10 years old) was visiting a friend in Texas when the Polaris Ranger they were riding in overturned, trapping her underneath.  Emilee sustained a broken right arm, a kidney injury, a concussion, and a complete crush injury and degloving to her right foot. Emilee was rushed to the nearest hospital, where she was stabilized, but then was sent on a medi-vac jet to OU Medical Center’s Level 1 Trauma Center in Oklahoma City, OK. Emilee was transferred to OU Children’s wing and underwent her first of many surgeries.  Nearly every bone had been broken in Emilee’s right foot and the skin had been ripped away. There was a significant chance that Emilee would lose her foot. Emilee had surgery every other day to clean out the foot and try to get as much debris out as possible, but infection set in. Two and a half weeks after the accident, Emilee’s health went into a rapid decline, and doctors furiously tried to figure out what was going on.  In July 2012, Emilee had gone into complete renal failure. The high powered antibiotics, plus other meds in combination with her kidney injury she received in the accident prevented her kidneys from filtering properly, and they shut down. Emilee was once again sent to emergency surgery this time to put a hemo-port in her chest for her to begin dialysis in an attempt to save her life. The dialysis began working, and Emilee’s health slowly began to improve. By the time that year was over, Emilee had 11 surgeries. In 2014 we were transferred to Georgia, and Emilee’s foot began to show signs that her graft she received back in 2012 was failing, and she would be in need of a more permanent solution.  In January of 2015 Emilee underwent a free tissue transfer and microsurgery to place a full thickness graft from her thigh to her foot. That surgery lasted 8 hours. Emilee spent 2 weeks in the hospital, but the graft took, and the surgery was a success! Emilee now has living tissue on her foot that can expand, contract, grow, and take all the wear and tear a normal 14 year old can give it. To date, Emilee has had 17 surgeries. We do not know when the surgeries will end, but her spirit is unbreakable.