Kamryn Campbell


"Kamryn was born prematurely in August of 2006, 8-weeks before she was due, and she spent 21 days in the NICU at North Fulton Hospital. Just 2-weeks later, her family made their first trip to the Emergency Room at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite, and Kamryn was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis. Later, at 7 weeks old, her family took her to the Pediatrician’s office because she wasn’t eating/feeling well. While there, she stopped breathing, so she had to be taken by ambulance to CHOA Scottish Rite. While in the ER she stopped breathing 2 more times, and she was immediately intubated, and admitted to the PICU. After over 24 hours, her family learned that Kamryn had a severe case of RSV {Respiratory Syncytial Virus}. She was septic, and in severe shock. They spent the next 16 days driving back & forth between their home Scottish Rite. This was very scary for Kamryn’s family. Because of being a preemie, Kamryn was delayed in her crawling, pulling up, walking, etc, so she started Physical Therapy at CHOA Rehabilitation Services in 2007. Just before Kamryn’s 2-year appointment with her Pediatrician her family noticed she was walking up on the toes of her left foot, and in October of 2008, Kamryn was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy {with left hemiparesis}. On top of this, Kamryn has severe sinus issues, and has had 3 sinus surgeries. Her family feels so blessed to have the resources CHOA provides. Today Kamryn is a happy, healthy, funny, 11 year old. She is a straight A student, and a member of her middle school’s Academic Bowl team. She is an avid reader, a 1st degree black belt, a lacrosse goalie, and she even completed her first Triathlon this summer. She’s an absolutely amazing kid, who continues to surprise us, and make us proud, every single day."

- The Campbell Family