Lake Bozeman


"Lake was diagnosed in May of 2012 with AML ( Acute Myeloid Leukemia ) just 2 weeks before his 6th birthday. He had been a very healthy and active little boy so this was a huge shock to our family. He went through 4 rounds of intense Chemotherapy requiring month long hospital stays and had his appendix removed during this time as well. He did wonderful and went into remission very quickly. We returned to sort of "normal" life and then in April of 2013 we found out the cancer was back. At this point they decided he needed a bone marrow transplant so he spent the summer getting lots of chemo and radiation to get his body for the transplant. He received a cord blood transplant on August 5th 2013 and spent about 6 weeks in the hospital very sick but he did very well and the transplant worked. He came home on lots of meds but cancer free. He missed his whole 2nd grade year of school because he was on strict isolation after the transplant. Then that Spring they allowed him to go to school and he played baseball which was such a miracle considering what all he had been through. We were looking forward to hitting a year post transplant and then at nine months post transplant in May 2014 we found out the cancer had returned again. It was devastating. The Drs said there was not many more options left at this point to "cure" him of the cancer. After lots of prayers and many talks with Drs we decided to try a gentle chemo that he can do out patiently so he is able to live his life and do many things. He has done well with it and our family has been doing many things and living life to the fullest. We know this chemo will not put him in remission but it kind of keeps the cancer at bay. We are currently discussing the next steps of treatment because we know that the cancer will soon become resistant to the chemo. We are praying for God to direct our path and know that its his plan and that he will take care of Lake. I and so proud to be Lake's mom. He is the strongest boy I know!!"

- The Bozeman Family