Michael McKelvey


Michael has Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia which is a form of Dwarfism that usually carries an immune deficiency.  He had the worse form of deficiency called SCIDs (a rare condition better known as "Bubble Boy Syndrome"). The only cure for SCIDs is a bone marrow transplant which he was finally able to have when he was 8 months old, after being in the hospital (first at The Children's Hospital in Macon, GA and then transported to Egleston in Atlanta) since he was 4 months old.  His donor was his sister Anna Helen who was 3 at the time. It took a long time to get him healthy enough to have the transplant since, due to the immune deficiency, he initially was hospitalized for Pneumocystis Pneumonia when he was 4 months old. I am giving y'all the shortened version of his story, but suffice it to say that there were many times that we didn't know if Michael was going to be able to survive.  We had a very happy ending as transplant was a success and his immune system functions well today however he still has to see go to CHOA to see his Immunologist for tests, his Orthopedist because of his Dwarfism and his Dermatologist as he has very bad eczema. He also has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Apraxia. He is mostly nonverbal, but loves to be with people.