High School Dance Marathons


UGA® Miracle's High School Outreach Committee partners with local high schools in the Athens and Atlanta areas in order to help them organize their very own High School Dance Marathon! Throughout the year, these high schools work to plan their own High School Dance Marathons while gaining leadership experience, communication skills, and the opportunity to make lasting relationships with local businesses through the use of sponsorships. These High School Dance Marathons are a culmination of each schools’ fundraising efforts for the course of the year. The high school and UGA® students come together to play games, meet and hang out with the Miracle kids and their families, and fundraise for the incredible hospital. This environment provides a unique opportunity for the high schoolers to grow as individuals, create lasting friendships with the committee members, as well as directly see the impact of everything they have been working so hard for during the year. If you have any questions or are interested in beginning a High School Dance Marathon at your high school, please reach out to the High School Outreach Co-Chairs, Cole Williams and Callie McBride, at ugamiracle.highschooloutreach@gmail.com.