UGA® Miracle's High School Outreach Committee partners with over 11 local high schools in the Atlanta area to help them facilitate their very own Mini Dance Marathons! These Mini Dance Marathons are a culmination of each schools' fundraising efforts for the course of the year. At the Mini Dance Marathon, UGA® students and High School students come together to play games, hang out with Miracle Kids, hear family stories, fundraiser for our incredible hospital, and have a ton of fun. Beyond just a fun experience and supporting a great cause, hosting a Mini Dance Marathon at the High School level allows high school students to learn valuable lessons in leadership, communication, time management, and innovation. Over the course of the year high school students have a unique opportunity to grow as individuals and create lasting friendships with UGA® students and Miracle families alike. If you are interested in hosting at Mini Dance Marathon at your high school, please reach out to High School Outreach Co-Chairs Cole Williams and Callie McBride at