Nicholas Price


"Nicholas started showing signs of seizures around the age of 4. His slight stare and awkward smile was thought to be just an oddity about a pretty average, adorable little boy. After exhaustive testing, he was diagnosed with complex partial seizures by age 6. An MRI showed that he had some type of growth or abnormal cells in the left hippocampus and in the left temporal lobe that could possibly be causing his seizures, so the decision to have surgery and remove the majority of the cells was made. Nicholas had a craniotomy and resection of 80% of the left hippocampus in September 2010. Several months went by with no seizure activity. Nicholas began to play soccer, swim, and thrive as a second grader at West End Elementary. He tested into the gifted program at school, and discovered a love of math and reading. By the summer of 2011, however, the seizures started to return. After trying different combinations of medications, the decision was made to again surgically remove the brain tissue that was determined to be the cause of Nicholas’ seizures. So, in December of 2013, Nicholas endured surgery at Children’s Healthcare at Egleston to place grids on his left temporal lobe, and a week later, a surgery to remove the grids and the tissue in question. Although the second surgery itself was successful, Nicholas suffered a stroke in recovery. He lost movement of the right side of his body and the ability to speak. On Christmas Eve 2014, he was transferred to CHOA/Scottish Rite to start rehabilitation in the Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (CIRU). There, the wonderful team of rehab doctors and techs began to help Nicholas regain the use of his body and speech. He made good progress, and was moved to the Day Rehab unit to work until the end of March. At that time, he returned home to continue rehabilitation and return to school. He completed the requirements for 5th grade, and after some remediation course over the summer, began the 6th grade – right on schedule – in August of this year. Nicholas has continued to work hard at therapy, and has shown great improvement! He just achieved high honor roll in the first and second grading periods at school, and is playing the drum and bells in the school band. He has returned to the gifted class at school, and is a part of the National Junior Cotillion class in Rome. He continues to inspire all of those who come in contact with him. Nicholas has made an exceptional recovery – and the best news of all? He is seizure-free."

- The Price Family