Peyton Greene


"Peyton was born on April 20, 2011. She came into this world a fighter. After a long labor, she was delivered via emergency Caesarian section and had aspirated fluids. She spent the first hours of her life in NICU and gave us all a real scare. Soon she was home and growing a magnetic and energetic personality with room-filling beauty. 13 months later in June of 2012 our first son, Parker, was born and then on March 3 of 2014 God gave us another son, whom we named Caleb. He completed our growing family full of love and joy. While we were in the hospital recovering from his birth, a family member took Peyton and Parker home with them, where they stayed until we were home for a couple days and settling into our new routine with our newest member of the family.

"When Peyton came home she seemed a little “off” to us. We attributed the majority of what we saw with the stress of a new baby in the home. She was so gentle and tender and acted like a little mommy to the tiny baby boy she is so in love with. On March 20th, 2014 we took her to the doctor for a bruised and swollen ankle. The x-rays showed nothing broken or fractured but they put a cast on to help heal what they thought was a “bruised bone”. She was running low-grade fevers on and off over the next couple of days and she had what looked like blood blisters on the inside of her cheek and tongue. That Sunday she stopped eating, drinking and was very lethargic. She had a slight bloody nose and we chalked it up to the dryness in the house from the heat being on. On March 25th she woke up looking pale yellow, was running another fever and still not walking at all with her cast, so we took her in to see her pediatrician. We did the normal routine check up and then we asked the doctor if she could run some blood work because we knew something was wrong with our baby girl. Then our world came crumbling down around us. Our pediatrician told us that she had Leukemia. We were sent immediately to the hospital where they admitted us for the beginning of a surreal journey.

"She was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL (which is acute lymphoblastic leukemia). Her treatment last 844 days. On July 16, 2016, our brave girl officially finished her treatment for Leukemia by taking her final round of oral chemotherapy! Peyton's battle with childhood cancer has been a long and trying journey. Peyton received her leukemia diagnosis at the young age of two, with 2 brothers at home, Parker who was 1 years old and Caleb who was 2 weeks old. Over the course of 844 days, she underwent 27 spinal taps with chemo injected into her spinal fluid, 52 rounds of intravenous chemo through her port in her chest, 24 chemo shots in her leg (given by her mom and dad), 671 days of oral chemo and she spent a total of 103 days at the hospital."

- The Greene Family