Thompson Ritter


"Doctors initially found what they thought was scoliosis at Thompson’s sports physical which would require him to wear a back brace 24/7 until he was 18. What they found after Thompson woke up one night from horrible back pain and not being able to lie flat in his bed was a tumor on his back from T1-T9. They went in for surgery and after a nine hour procedure they removed a large portion of his tumor. He was experiencing neurological problems with his right leg which caused him to loose some of the feeling at first. His two goals were to walk again and play baseball. He was walking within one week of his surgery and playing baseball the following spring. He will have another procedure in December to remove the last portion of his tumor. The tumor has maintained its size since his procedure which is good news! These days, Thompson has successfully completed both goals and is beginning to start up another baseball season- a miraculous comeback!

"Thompson just finished the cross-country season, setting a PR (24:07) in the last race of his HS career. Last weekend, he also ran in the CHOA Strong Legs 10K in 52:31! He was one of 2 selected for the George Walton Academy Sports Medicine Internship, and is currently working at Drayer Physical Therapy, and will be working with the winter sports teams. He is also in the process of applying to colleges! UGA® is his top choice! He considers UGA® his home because of UGA® Miracle, and hopes that his involvement on campus will help his application move forward. (I think a letter-writing campaign is in order! He is working out and plans on having a fantastic senior season as a starting pitcher for the varsity baseball team."

- The Ritter Family