Allie Nash


On July 10, 2013, eleven-year-old Allie was riding in a John Deere Gator with her little sister. They were struck by a pick-up truck. Allie wasn’t buckled and was ejected, then immediately airlifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Her sister was also injured & followed in the ambulance. Allie had a traumatic brain injury. She was in ICU for 21 days & inpatient rehab for 7 weeks. Therapy has become a way of life for Allie. The accident has changed her life physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially forever. Prior to the accident,  she was a singer, dancer, a competitive swimmer, and played piano. Academically, she was ahead of the curve and read at a college level in 5th grade.

She has had to re-learn how to eat, talk, walk, write, and draw. She didn’t speak for 9 months after the accident.  She has limited use of her left hand, an unsteady gait, and speech difficulties. She can swim again and competes on her high school team, Morgan County Marlins, and Blaze sports swim teams. She is still getting stronger and is working on running again and becoming more independent. She remains positive and has gained great hope and purpose through her faith in God. She is thankful God saved her spiritually and physically.  Allie works everyday to make each day the best day for herself and others - especially through her hugs!