become a part of uga® miracle

UGA® Miracle has a place for everyone and offers a variety of ways to get involved depending on your desired level of commitment.  We want you to join our team!

committee MEMBER - returner

Our committee members are what make our program so strong - returners, we are so excited that you want to spend another year as a part of UGA® Miracle! If you have previously been on a committee, applications are now open for the 2019-2020 year and are due Sunday, August 18 at noon! Please direct any questions to Zach Weingarten at

Miracle Maker

If you register for Dance Marathon, you are officially considered a Miracle Maker and part of UGA® Miracle! When registering online, you will be asked if you are on a team. Check to see if your Sorority, Fraternity, or other student organization that you participate in may have one to join! If not, that's okay! Anyone can create a new team if they like. Fundraising totals for all team members are combined and teams are given the opportunity to present a check at Dance Marathon in February. Click below to become a Miracle Maker!

Committee Member

Committee Members are some of the most passionate people we know! As the heart of this organization, these individuals have decided to take an additional step of leadership and commitment, UGA® Miracle has many different committees in which these members take on various responsibilities. As a whole, these committee members inspire and push UGA® Miracle to achieve the impossible every day.

Assistant Chair

Assistant Chairs have the unique opportunity to work closely with the Executive Board members of their committee and be lead the activities of their committee throughout the year. Each year, more and more responsibility is being placed on our Assistant Chairs to become leaders within their committee and create a welcoming environment for new members. The specific responsibilities of an Assistant Chair vary based on the committee's needs and focus throughout the year.

Executive Board Member

Executive Board members are selfless and relentless! The Executive Board consists of a total of 28 members who have decided to dedicate all they are to the improvement of the organization. The Board consists of the Co-Chairs who lead committees, as well as the Council of directors. The role of an Executive Board member is an intensive and extremely rewarding experience. Board members invest their time into the UGA® Miracle family and gain so much more in the process. Organizational decisions, planning, and execution happens within the Executive Board in order to create an unforgettable experience for members at all levels of involvement.