Ayden Hopper


"Our Ayden is an absolute miracle. He lived through a very traumatic birth in which he and I (his mother) almost did not survive. He was born via an emergency c-section after his heart rate kept dropping off. When he was delivered it was discovered that the umbilical cord was ruptured meaning that we both were losing blood rapidly. He was all tangled and wrapped in the cord. As the doctor started to untangle him the umbilical cord literally broke off at his stomach leaving no cord stump to clamp to stop the bleeding. It was very intense. Eventually the doctor was able to stop the bleeding. Afterwards he was rushed off to the NICU for observation. They almost had to give me a blood transfusion due to the blood loss. The doctors and nurses were in shock and said they have never seen anything like that happen before. Turns out the umbilical cord was deformed and never developed the protective outer layer called Wharton’s Jelly. This is very rare. I have done research and have only found 5 or 6 cases where this has happened and every time the baby miscarried because the cord was not able to sustain the entire 9 months. There was one case in which the baby made it full term but died shortly after birth. I really do wonder if my son is the only survivor of this particular defect.As if that is not enough, that is not all…the day after Ayden was born the doctor said that she noticed some signs of Down Syndrome and was having him tested. After a week we got the results that Ayden did indeed have Down Syndrome. But it did not matter to us, because he was our miracle and we knew that God had a purpose for him after overcoming Miracle Child Story Form such great odds. And as if that was not enough, after two weeks in the NICU Ayden was transferred to CHOA where he was diagnosed with leukemia. It is a type of leukemia that is

significant only to newborns with Down Syndrome. As we were there his blood counts started to get better. After 2 weeks there we were finally able to be discharged to go home for the first time. At 3 months old Ayden’s blood work was finally normal, the leukemia was gone without any treatment! Another miracle!

Today Ayden is a healthy and thriving 3 year old who loves VeggieTales and Mickey Mouse. Due to his diagnosis of Down Syndrome there are many doctors and specialists that he sees but for the most part he is very happy and healthy. Thanks for all you do for our miracle children!"

- The Hopper Family