Layla Erie


“In 2012 we started our adoption journey. We have four biological children and wanted to add a special needs baby. We left it in God's hands. We received our daughter's file from our adoption agency and immediately fell in love with her! To us it didn't even matter what her special needs were, we knew God had hand picked her for us. We were blessed with a daughter with congenital spina bifida. Her file gave us very little information about her medical history. We knew her diagnosis was sacral meningocele and tethered spinal cord. She had surgery at the age of eight weeks old. We didn't know what our daughter's severity was until we met her in China. When she came home she was evaluated by many doctors and in addition to the spina bifida also suffers from bladder and bowel incontinence. She recently had a big surgery on her bladder and bowel and is still recovering. Layla is a wonderful addition to our family. Layla is strong, brave, so very loved, and a huge blessing!”