Parker Grelecki


Parker Grelecki was born on September 9, 2008, with hydrocephalus. Parker’s parents received the diagnosis at 20 weeks in the pregnancy that there was a blockage between the third and fourth ventricles of Parker’s brain that was preventing the spinal fluid from draining. As a result, the fluid would build up and compress Parker’s brain matter against his skull, threatening to severely hinder Parker’s early neurological development. At birth, the average baby has 90-95% brain matter and 5-10% fluid within the cranial cavity; Parker had over 98% fluid and less than 2% brain matter, amounting to a mere 8 millimeters of brain matter at birth. At two days old, a shunt was placed in Parker’s brain, allowing the fluid to drain and releasing the pressure on the brain.

Over the next nine months, Parker underwent a series of shunt and cranio-facial surgeries to ensure the proper draining of the excess fluid and to reshape his skull, in order to make room for his brain to hopefully grow to appropriate size and develop properly. Parker began therapy at four weeks old and continues with occupational therapy and physical therapy, however God has blessed us with an amazing miracle. Parker has far exceeded the expectations of the doctors. Parker excels at school, which is amazing given the amount of brain matter he had at birth. He should also have trouble interacting with others and after meeting him for two minutes it is apparent God has given him a very engaging personality.