The opportunity to serve on a UGA® Miracle committee is incredibly exciting! This is a premier leadership opportunity on campus, and one of the most direct ways to impact our cause. All committees are led by Executive Board members, and each serve a specific function that serves to champion our families, support our hospital and engage our campus.


Responsible for working with Miracle Makers to exceed their personal fundraising totals through our letter writing campaigns, canning nights, and other special events. This committee is also responsible for coming up with innovative ideas for fundraising campaigns to raise money for personal totals and for the organization as a whole.


Responsible for planning large events during the year including our capstone event, Dance Marathon. This committee also serves as the point of contact for bands, student organizations, and community groups who perform at our events.


Responsible for creating a unified, enthusiastic group of students that can inspire and engage the entire UGA® Miracle community throughout the year and at Dance Marathon. This committee is also responsible creating the Morale dance for Dance Marathon, emceeing, and planning the Dance Marathon schedule.


Ignite is a brand new introductory committee created to give new members an opportunity to experience all aspects of UGA® Miracle! We will offer leadership experience opportunities and will bring in new committees every week to give insight into all that Miracle has to offer. Throughout the year, underclassmen will be given the knowledge and tools for fundraising and will have the chance to interact with and support our Miracle Families. We will also be planning our own fundraising events and engaging with the rest of our campus to show what Miracle is all about. This will be a low-commitment committee that meets every other week and allows new Miracle members to gradually participate in our cause. Our goal this year is to foster new members leading up to Dance Marathon and give them the foundation to build upon in their future Miracle endeavors.

Community Partners

Responsible for soliciting in-kind donations for events such as Tour of Homes, Doughnut Dare 5K, and Miracle at Midnight, including acquiring donations of food for Miracle events and Dance Marathon. Also responsible for arranging percentage nights at local restaurants and businesses.


Responsible for creating and maintaining lasting relationships with local and regional businesses and using these relationships to create beneficial exchanges for both parties. Also responsible for extending and diversifying campus reach of UGA® Miracle by reaching out and fostering relationships with new campus groups and students throughout UGA®.


Responsible for designing all digital and print graphics used during the year, taking photographs and videos at all special events, creating promotional videos and advertising campaigns for the organization, designing banners for UGA® Miracle events, and much more. This committee is responsible for helping to clearly communicate the message and values of the entire organization and maintaining it's "front-end."


Responsible for designing all merchandise for UGA® Miracle, including apparel and promotional items. This committee is also responsible tracking sales & stock of merchandise and running & maintaining the online store in addition to the Miracle website.


Responsible for working with the communications team to coordinate all marketing, publicity, and campaigns on social media. This committee is also responsible for serving as a liaison between the committees to promote our collective efforts over the course of the year, as well as maintaining the organization's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

High School Outreach

Responsible for building upon the established relationships with the high schools currently involved in fundraising and mini-marathons for UGA® Miracle, planning and executing these mini-marathons alongside the high school students, and building new relationships with high schools in the Athens and Atlanta area to promote fundraising and service efforts for our cause.

Hospital Relations

Responsible for serving as the liaison between our organization and the hospitals we serve. Specifically, this committee is responsible for coordinating hospital visits and encouraging patients in the CIRU and the Zone through games, crafts, and other themed visits.

Greek Relations

Responsible for fostering and growing the relationships between Miracle and Greek Organizations on the University of Georgia campus, as well as working with the governing councils of Greek Life to coordinate specific events for Greek-affiliated students.

Family Relations

Responsible for serving as the main point of contact between our organization and the families that we benefit by building relationships with them and updating them on the different events that we host. The committee will also host our Miracle Families at Dance Marathon, plan and execute Family Days, and work with the Internal team to develop the families' roles at Dance Marathon.

Alumni & Parent Relations

Responsible for maintaining Miracle's relationship with our members who have graduated through our Miracle Mentorship program, the Alumni Board, and other alumni-focused events. This committee is responsible for all communications with alumni including social media, email, and the alumni newsletter, as well as for the alumni presence at Dance Marathon.