Beau Shell


Beau, a.k.a., the Lil’ Ice Cream Dude, owns and operates his own ice cream business.  His ice cream business started in 2012 when he received a small ice cream cart for his 8th birthday. After this, he was determined to make ice cream his career choice.  However, Beau’s dreams of building his ice cream empire almost melted away the following year when he was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia and emphysema. Doctors at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta worked around the clock to find antibiotics to fight infections inside and outside of Beau’s lungs.  After six weeks of intense hospital stays and being confined to his home, Beau was finally able to return to school and his friends. Beau surprised his parents when he told them he felt healthy enough to get the ice cream business up and running again. Since returning to his business in 2013, Beau has worked over 400 events and served his ice cream to tens of thousands of customers. In February of 2015, he decided he wanted to give back to the hospital and doctors who helped him fight pneumonia.  After reaching out to Scottish Rite Hospital and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, he was introduced to UGA Miracle and Dance Marathon. Beau came to Dance Marathon 2015 to sell his ice cream, where he raised $1,000. Since that first DM, Beau has become an official UGA Miracle child, and has come back to every Dance Marathon since. To date, Beau has raised over $5500 for UGA Miracle. Although Beau still has small respiratory challenges from his illness, both he and his business are thriving.  Beau’s first ice cream shop, Lil Ice Cream Dude’s Cool World, is set to open on June 9, 2019. UGA Miracle is now a permanent fixture in his life: it is one of the charitable organizations to which he will always donate a portion of his earnings.  When asked why he loves ice cream and UGA Miracle so much, he answers, “Because they both make me really, really, really happy.”