Kyle Klerk


"Kyle’s Journey began June 6, 2016. While hanging out at the pool waiting for swim practice, a soccer ball flew out of control and struck Kyle in the arm. He screamed in pain. We took him to the pediatrician; she seemed concerned that his arm was weak but gave him permission to swim at his meet that night if he felt up to it. He said he wouldn’t let his team down! He swam every race placing in all 5 events. That perseverance and never give up attitude continued through the toughest journey we have ever had. On June 7th at an orthopedic doctor’s office, and after an x-ray, the doctor seemed very serious. He put Kyle in a brace/half cast, and said he couldn’t believe his arm hadn’t broken and then told us we needed to go to a specialist. He made us an appointment telling us only the doctor’s name. We found out that he was an orthopedic oncologist. Next began a series of appointments, scans, and tests all ending with a biopsy and diagnosis of Osteosarcoma on June 14th. In one week, everything that we knew changed!

”Not only did Kyle have 18 rounds of chemo, but he also had to have limb salvage surgery along with a radical resection of his arm. The tumor was removed, and a cadaver bone inserted along with a rod and screws. He healed amazingly well! He has full rotation of his arm and all feeling, He was told he would need 6 months of physical therapy but finished in 2 1/2. His chemo treatments ended in February 2016, and he was declared to have NED (no evidence of disease)."

- The Klerk Family