The Hopkins Family


Michala Hopkins
Michala had her first seizure when she was 3 weeks old. The next morning we took her to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for her first EEG. When she was two months old we were back at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for an MRI. We were told that they thought she had Aicardi Syndrome. Later that day the opthamologist confirmed the diagnosis. While she was having pictures taken of her eyes she was having violent seizures.

Michala was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma Cancer when she was a year old. Her leg was amputated in an attempt to save her life. She began chemotherapy when she was a little over a year old.

Today she is a happy child that loves to be around others and loves to clap. She as well as all of us is very thankful for all ya'll do to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. Thank you for standing for those who can't!

Marlee Ann Hopkins
Completely healthy!

In Loving Memory:
Mary Elizabeth Hopkins
Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy: her brain doesn’t tell her muscles to function

Abe Hopkins
Abe: Suspected mitochondrial disease: constant seizures