Olivia Harvey


When Olivia Harvey was born, her parents had no idea that their daughter was anything but happy and healthy. A last ­minute check by a nurse resulted in a diagnosis of multiple heart defects in addition to a congenital heart defect (CHD). Olivia was soon referred to Children’s where she had an echocardiogram that revealed more critical news about the state of her tiny heart. At just 6 months old, Olivia underwent her first open heart surgery at Children’s and spent three weeks in the hospital recovering. Though the surgery was a success, Olivia has had to face other struggles because of her condition. With CHD comes a whole host of other complications. Sadly, she has had issues with her liver, spleen, a brain aneurysm, blood disorder, JIA and Noonan’s syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects growth. Fortunately, Olivia and her family have Children’s right in their backyard for all of her medical needs. At 9 years old, Olivia had her second open heart surgery. Admitted on a Tuesday, this incredibly brave girl was home by Friday afternoon. Olivia is now a happy, growing young woman and loves singing, dancing, acting and horseback riding. She hopes to spread awareness of CHD by sharing her story.