Belle Helton


At six weeks old, Belle was diagnosed with a kidney disease called Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome.  She spent a month in the hospital fighting to survive, only to come home to a full time nursing staff. Belle spent almost 6 years hooked to machines.  At the age of six, while visiting the doctor for a routine check up, Belle went into full renal failure and needed a kidney transplant to survive. Both of Belle’s parents matched to donate a kidney; however, at this most critical time of need, Belle’s dad was laid off by his employer.  Belle’s mom quickly decided to donate her kidney. Belle was hooked to a dialysis machine every evening for seven hours, and as thankful as her family was for the machine, it was quite uncomfortable for Belle. With the mission to get her off this machine as soon as possible, Belle’s mom underwent a series of routine donor tests, one of which revealed that Belle’s mom had invasive breast cancer. All plans for a kidney transplant had to be put on hold while Belle’s mom underwent aggressive chemo and life saving surgery.  Belle’s dad began testing to donate his kidney while seeking employment. This was a very difficult time for the family as they were all praying for good outcomes. God never left their side, and as Belle’s mom finished her treatment, Belle’s dad found a job and passed all required tests to donate, and Belle received her dad’s kidney on February 24, 2012. Belle and her dad are doing wonderfully, and her mom is currently 3 years in remission. The family is so thankful for their many answered prayers. Belle’s two older brothers remained positive through it all, and the family is thankful to have received so many blessings!